Zwei SHAVENTS stehen in eleganten Standfüßen vor hellem Hintergrund

How and why the SHAVENT came about

It's in our hands, big and small - that's what we hear every day when it comes to the burden on our environment caused by our consumerism. 

Often one is not very careful when it comes to the small things, we felt like many people. But how much waste such small things like the replaceable head of a razor cause shocked us: 

In Germany alone, wet razors and their blade cartridges generate almost 100 truckloads of waste (and we're talking about full-blown 40-ton trucks here) in just one year!


In Europe alone, this is how much waste is produced every year by wet razors and their replaceable heads:

That's INSANE! Not with us!

Producing plastic waste carelessly and polluting our planet? How unnecessary! ​Environmental protection means asceticism and renunciation of comfort? Nonsense!​

We started looking for alternatives - but the classics such as safety razors and straight razors did not convince us in use - the shaving comfort suffered too much for us, especially when shaving the body. This is why we worked for a long time and with SHAVENT we developed a sustainable, plastic-free razor that combines a fully functional, comfortable adaptive head with the simplicity of classic razor blades.

SHAVENT proves that comfort, design, independence and sustainability can be wonderfully combined!


And who is "we" anyway?


Most of the time your are be born into a family business, if at all - we did it the other way around! All grown up (more or less), we are now starting with our common vision that sustainability can also be elegant, comfortable and simple!​

Armin, Romy & Angie (from left to right)

As a passionate mechanical engineer, Armin has technical know-how in his blood - he developed the SHAVENT razor and perfected it with his experience until it met his high standards. (He thinks it's terribly unprofessional to reveal this, but: within the family he's been called "MacGyver" for decades - and rightly so, the team thinks.) Romy would like to use her experience in setting up young companies to develop Armin's inventive talent to finally bring into the world. With both a technical and economic background, Angie is the perfect link for our small team.​So, let's get started - for a good cause, for you and for us! We look forward to working with SHAVENT and to your feedback!​