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Basis-Set: SHAVENT Schwingkopf-Rasierer, inkl. Standfuß SHAVENT Schwingkopf giphy
SHAVENT Original flex-head razor, including stand
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SHAVENT Rundumset, Schwingkopf-Rasierer mit Derby Klingen SHAVENT flexibler Kopf, gründliche und sichere Rasur von Kopf bis Fuß
All-round set SHAVENT swing head razor, incl. razor blades & collection box
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SHAVENT Original razor travel set with leather case Günstige Standardklingen, SHAVENT
SHAVENT Original razor travel set with leather case
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Travel size: SHAVENT Compact, the handy metal shaver for travel / shower Travel size: SHAVENT Compact, the handy metal shaver for travel / shower
SHAVENT starke Haare Set mit Perma Sharp Klingen, starke Haare SHAVENT hochwertiges Metall, kein Plastik, nachhaltig, kein Gummi

Shavent Razor Sets


The SHAVENT swing head razor

Would you also like a plastic-free, gentle shave from head to toe? But you don't want to forego enjoyment and style and you're not satisfied with a safety razor? Then the SHAVENT is just right for you!

The SHAVENT is a innovative, high quality 3 blade swing head razor and uses standard half blades which are widely available from different brands. So you enjoy it full Blade freedom and are not tied to us or any particular brand.

By 3 sharp bladeswho have direct contact with the skin, skin irritation can be avoided because the blades cut the hair very gently and directly.

The SHAVENT unites sustainability and Independence with Elegance and Comfort. It is completely made in the high-quality precision zinc die-casting process Germany made. He is plastic and rubber-free and thus protects the environment.

Through its flexible Heading it always adapts very gently and safely to all parts of the face and body, enabling a close shave of all unwanted hair.


Buying a SHAVENT razor set – making the right choice

Durable, plastic-free, elegant - whether for you, your partner or as a gift - the SHAVENT is unique - that's why it's only available in a Variant, for men, women, everyone.

We have a suitable razor set for everyone. All sets included always the high-quality SHAVENT wet razor incl. base with 3 blades already inserted so that you can start straight away, and 3 additional blades for your first blade change.

So that your shaving experience can meet your personal requirements, we offer various sets with different razor blades and accessories.

Are you still unsure which set is the best for you?

  • Do you mostly shave yours? Beard and yours Head and/or have dense, strong Hair? Then the “SHAVENT strong hair set with Perma Sharp blades“ LINK to you best.
  • Do you shave mostly in the Face or the whole Body and/or thinner, normal Hair? Then we recommend the "All-round set“ LINK with Derby blades.

Are you still unsure whether the SHAVENT is your new companion? We, and many others, are already 100% convinced - so that you too can convince yourself, we offer you one voluntary 30-day money-back guarantee so that you have enough time to test the SHAVENT extensively.


Step by step to the perfect shave with the SHAVENT

System shaver, disposable razor, safety razor, straight razor, or electric? There are now many different ways to remove unwanted hair from different parts of the body. But the SHAVENT offers you an absolutely gentle and thorough shave from head to toe, without any plastic, rubber or other frills.

Since the SHAVENT Metal is slightly heavier than, for example, plastic razors from drugstores. This can be a bit unfamiliar for some at first, but is soon forgotten after a short period of getting used to it. In contrast to plastic razors, the SHAVENT offers a high quality Qualitymanufactured Germany, so that it will be a faithful companion for life - made for generations.

The SHAVENT saves you having to buy a new handle every month or the overpriced interchangeable heads. So not only easy on the wallet, but also on the environment.

For the first shaves, it is advisable to be a little more Time gain weight. Let the SHAVENT glide over the skin lathered with shaving cream and just practice low pressure out of. By using as much water as possible, it glides even better on your shaving product. You will see that after the first shaves with the SHAVENT you will quickly get the hang of it and in no time you will have developed a feeling for your new, gentle and thorough SHAVENT shave.

Whether you use shaving foam, gel, cream or soap is up to you. The only important thing is that you use something that gives the thing the necessary momentum. Please never use it without shaving product and never without water on dry skin, this irritates the skin and the shaving result also suffers - after all, the SHAVENT is a Wet shaver.

After every shave, it is important that the SHAVENT is rinsed properly - it is best to rinse it under very warm, running water from the front and back. Back on its stand, it can dry well and is also a real eye-catcher in the bathroom.


What else is needed besides the SHAVENT?

In a nutshell: water, shaving products and unwanted hair. Then nothing stands in the way of a thorough and safe shave, because our razor sets are delivered to you in such a way that you can start right away.

Of course, you can still personalize your shaving experience and expand your shaving repertoire according to your individual needs.

Would you like to store your used razor blades safely and properly and don't have a suitable container? Then our stylish little one Blade collection box optimal.

So that you are well protected in all cases, it is worth doing this Spare part set to have at home. For example, you can replace the spring of the SHAVENT yourself (should it ever tire after tens of years), or if a part is lost, you can replace it at home.

The bags tailored to the SHAVENT are suitable for safe storage and travel in a suitcase or cosmetic bag - whether Manager or Cork, both will be a long-lasting companion for your SHAVENT.



If you haven't found the right shaving product for you yet, try ours SHAVE & SHOWER Care series off - for your perfect, plastic-free shaving experience. We also offer you great accessories for this, such as the noble one Shaving soap shell or our Shaving gel dispenser.