SHAVENT travel bag
SHAVENT travel bag
SHAVENT travel bag
SHAVENT travel bag


SHAVENT travel bag

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The perfect travel case and storage for the SHAVENT razor, made from high quality, durable, locally sourced leather.

That's why you'll love the SHAVENT travel bag

✅ Safe & beautiful - the perfect travel companion for your SHAVENT

✅ Wonderfully grippy premium leather with a soft feel - durable protection for sharp blades

✅ Vegetable tanned, from Central Europe processed in a Bavarian manufactory

Elegant, durable and made with love in Bavaria.


The special twist

A noble accessory for your travel bag - durable and close to nature

High-quality cowhide leather from Central Europe, e.g. from Germany and Austria, double-layered with fine seams, durable. Hatchet buttons ensure a practical and firm closure and the slightly rustic, elegant look.

The non-slip, soft leather is vegetable-tanned in Germany (without chrome) and aniline-dyed, without a covering layer of colour. This special premium leather is also used for knife bags, so it will be a very durable companion for your SHAVENT. It is lightly sanded, refined with wax and tumbled, resulting in a soft surface with a great feel, where you can clearly see the leather structure.

Made in Germany

(a small note: we have also received many inquiries about non-animal packaging and, since we do not use plastic, we are working on a stable alternative that can compete with razor blades in the long term. Unfortunately, this will probably be in fashion for some time claim.)

Leather with character - this is how you take care of your SHAVENT travel bag

Leather is a material that develops its very own character over the years and your travels together allow this character to develop. With the right care, your leather case will be your companion for many, many years.

Here are the best tips:

  • The hatchet buttons, which serve to close your case, can still be a bit stiff when you first use them. However, the leather soon adapts and you have a permanent but handy closure.

  • Your leather case is intended for transport. Small splashes of water don't bother him, but you should avoid diving. If a drop of water leaves a stubborn stain, simply wipe your entire bag with a damp cloth. This will give you an even surface again.

  • If your razor case ever gets a grease stain, e.g. from creams, you can iron it carefully at low heat and with a paper towel in between, because this allows grease to come out of the pores and the surface becomes finer and more even again

Customer Reviews

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Edgar N.
Gute Verarbeitung

Das Material ist hochwertig und gut verarbeitet.

Reinhold M.
Schöne Aufbewahrung

Die elegante Tasche aus Leder ist optimal für die Reise mit dem Rasierer.

Panagiotis A.

Eine ausgezeichnete Reisetasche, elegant, praktisch und solide!

Thorsten K.
Gute Verarbeitung

Die Reisetasche ist optisch ansprechend, gut verarbeitet.Der Preis ist nur zughoch.

Lieber Thorsten, vielen Dank für Dein Feedback zur Reisetasche :) Die SHAVENT Reisetasche besteht aus sehr hochwertigem Rindsleder aus Zentraleuropa, ist doppellagig mit feinen Nähten verarbeitet, sodass sie Dir ein langer, treuer Begleiter sein wird. Sie wird außerdem in Deutschland rein pflanzlich gegerbt (ohne Chrom) und anilingefärbt, ohne deckende Farbschicht. Dieses spezielle Premiumleder wird auch bei Messertaschen eingesetzt. Beste Grüße, Tamara