SHAVENT for Girls

Have you ever tried shaving in the shower? shaving cream instead of just using your shower gel? I don't mean the canned cream or the tube cream, both of which add to our waste. No, I mean which one with the help of a shaving brush from a Shaving soap manufactures itself.
Make sure to try it out if you have some time for your personal beauty and wellness treatment have, it's worth it!
Wet the brush and use circular motions as long as the Shaving soap lather upuntil a denser, more solid foam arises. Then apply this foam to the region to be shaved and use circular movements to lather and leave it on for a long time. So your skin can act well on them shave to prepare.
Well with that Wet razorwho has the freshest possible bladesShave, first in the direction of hair growth, then against the grain, letting the razor slide evenly and not too quickly over the skin. Rinse off the foam collected on the razor every now and then. When there is no more foam on your skin, you have shaved all regions. Now you can simply shower off any foam residue.
Finally, rinse the razor and brush well with water and let them dry.
Gently dry the skin without rubbing. Apply a mild non-alcoholic skin care cream. Let the skin dry well before getting dressed and also before using deodorant.
The result: super soft, super smooth skin!
Tip: Do not put on tight-fitting clothing immediately, this will avoid irritation that leads to the unpopular Razor bumps being able to lead.
Shaving soap soon also available in our shop. SHAVENT. Shave plastic-free.