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SHAVENT Derby Professional Standard Halbklingen SHAVENT Derby Professional Standard Halbklingen
SHAVENT Reisetasche aus Rindsleder, sichere Aufbewahrung und Transport SHAVENT SHAVENT Ledertasche Beiltaschenknöpfe
SHAVENT Klingenschutz aus Kork in Kobalt Blau und Petrol Türkis, SHAVENT Aufbewahrung, sicherer Transport SHAVENT Klingenschutz aus Kork in Kobalt Blau, SHAVENT Aufbewahrung, sicherer Transport
Rasiergelspender SHAVENT, Pumpflasche aus Glas Pumpspender SHAVENT beim pumpen Rasiergel
SHAVENT Rasierschale, Rasierseifenschale, Tiegel aus elegantem Metall SHAVENT Rasierschale im Badezimmer mit Rasierseife, Rasierseifenschale, Tiegel aus elegantem Metall
SHAVENT Korktasche aus Kork in Kobalt Blau und Petrol Türkis, SHAVENT Aufbewahrung, Reisetasche SHAVENT Korktasche aus Kork in Kobalt Blau, Aufbewahrung SHAVENT, Reisetasche
SHAVENT Derby schwarz Premium Single Edge Halbklingen, Standardklingen, Rasierklingen SHAVENT Derby schwarz Premium Single Edge Halbklingen, Standardklingen
SHAVENT Perma Sharp Single Edge Halbklingen, Standardklingen, Rasierklingen SHAVENT Perma Sharp Single Edge Halbklingen, Standardklingen, Rasierklingen
SHAVENT Klingensammeldose, Aufbewahrung, Sammeln gebrauchte Klingen Rasierklingen Recyclen Sammeln
Shavent Geschenkgutschein, Clever schenken, Geburtstag, Weihnachten, Jahrestag, Ostern Shavent Geschenk Gutschein
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SHAVENT Ersatzteilset - Langlebig by Design - SHAVENT- Zubehör SHAVENT Ersatzteilset - Langlebig by Design - SHAVENT- Zubehör
SHAVENT Abstandshalter, Abstandshalterset, Ersatzteil SHAVENT Abstandshalter Ersatzteil

Accessories & Vouchers

What accessories can you buy from SHAVENT?


  • Razor blades

Everyone probably knows them, a normal, double-edged razor blade (double edge). There are now many different brands and different versions of these blades. The standardized blades correspond to a norm, so that they fit in most safety razors, or the SHAVENT. With the SHAVENT, however, we use standard half-blades, also known as single-edge blades. So not a "whole" blade, but only a half, "broken" blade. But these are already halved at many retailers.


The offers are so large and varied that it can quickly become overwhelming. But what do you have to look out for when buying and which blades are the best?


The razor blades differ primarily in the material and the sharpness. The easiest way to find the perfect blade is to try out different blades. The reason for this is very simple: Everyone has different skin and hair, from insensitive to sensitive skin through thick, strong hair to thin and rather soft hair.


When buying, always pay attention to the quality of the razor blades and to the originals. However, expensive does not always mean good and cheap does not always mean bad. Therefore, always check the material and the customer reviews in advance or buy one of the 3 blade types in our shop. And not because we want to make a profit, but with us you can be sure that you will always receive original blades of the best quality from the manufacturer.


Which razor blades are right for me?

For the SHAVENT we use standard half-blades, also known as single edge - so you are free to choose your favorite blade brand. We offer you a small selection of blades in our shop. To find the right blades, simply answer the following questions:

  • Would you like mostly yours Beard and yours Head and/or have more dense, strong Hair? Then we recommend this to you Perma Sharp Single Edge Halbklingen. You can find these in a set with ours SHAVENT strong hair set


  • Do you shave mostly in the Face or whole body and/or normal Hair? Then we would like to offer you our all-rounder, the Derby Green Professional Single Edge Half Blades You can find this in our All-round set with the SHAVENT


  • You don't want to commit yourself directly or are you unsure which blades are the right ones? Then feel free to try them Derby schwarz Premium Single Edge Halbklingen


One pack contains 100 blades, which is enough for 33 blade changes. The packs of blades are so small that you can buy a large supply that doesn't even take up as much space as a milk carton.


  • SHAVENT Travel bag:

A trip is coming up and you don't know where exactly to go with your valuable belongings? Just put a razor without protection with sharp blades in the toiletry bag? D rather not. In order to take your razor with you when you travel and to be able to transport and store it as safely as possible, this travel bag made of real cowhide is the perfect companion for everyone. In this way, your SHAVENT can always be stored safely and hygienically and is protected from collisions. The travel bag is a real eye-catcher, so it is perfect for both traveling and storing the shaver in the bathroom. The noble hatchet buttons ensure a practical and firm closure, so that your razor, you and other objects are protected from the razor blades.


  • SHAVENT Case of cork:

For everyone who doesn't like leather and prefers to use non-animal material, we have developed a great alternative made of cork, so that you can still travel safely and hygienically with your razor and don't have to do without anything. The cork travel bag is of course also ideal for storing other razors or as a pen case. In two beautiful colors, the travel bags made of cork are also a great accessory in the bathroom.


  • SHAVENT Shaving gel dispenser: All kinds of shaving products, whether liquid or solid - an indispensable part of your wet shaving routine. The biggest advantage of glass bottles: They not only look high quality, but are 100% recyclable and therefore also sustainable. Once bought, they are a long shave companion - you save yourself and the environment unnecessary packaging material and the glass bottle is also a decorative piece of jewelry in the shower or bathroom.


  • SHAVENT Shaving bowl: A shaving bowl is an essential part of everyday shaving. It is primarily used to lather shaving soap with a shaving brush. Of course you can also use other bowls, but the shaving soap fits perfectly in a shaving bowl and can hardly slip. The material is also important - the smoother it is, the better for foaming the shaving soap. So it is not only beautiful and elegant, but also a sustainable decoration for your bathroom.


  • SHAVENT Blade collection box: A blade collection box simplifies the shaving routine and also the disposal of the blades. Small and fine, it can be stowed away in no time and offers a safe place for used blades until they are recycled.


  • SHAVENT gift card: Are you still looking for the perfect gift for your parents, loved ones, friends or colleagues? With the gift voucher from SHAVENT you give a lasting beautiful shaving pleasure. All vouchers are valid for 2 years and can be redeemed for all products in our online shop. The voucher is sent by email and can be printed out and provided with an individual message.




What accessories do I need for the SHAVENT?

In a nutshell: water, shaving cream and unwanted hair. Nothing stands in the way of a thorough and safe shave, because our razor sets are delivered to you in such a way that you can start straight away with water and shaving agent.

Of course, you can still personalize your shaving experience and expand your shaving repertoire according to your individual needs.

Would you like to store your used razor blades safely and properly and don't have a suitable container? Then our stylish little one Blade collection box optimal.

So that you are well protected in all cases, it is worth doing this Spare part set to have at home. For example, you can replace the spring of the SHAVENT yourself (should it tire after tens of years), or if you lose a part, you can replace it quickly and easily from home.

The bags tailored to the SHAVENT are suitable for safe storage and travel in a suitcase or cosmetic bag - whether Manager or Cork, both will be a long-lasting companion for your SHAVENT.

If you haven't found the right shaving product for you yet, try ours SHAVE & SHOWER Care series off - for your perfect, plastic-free shaving experience. We also offer you great accessories for this, such as the noble one Shaving soap shell or our Shaving gel dispenser.