Why plastic-free shaving is important


how much non-recyclable composite waste (i.e. residual waste) does such a "small thing" as wet shaving cause every year?
We did some research and put the numbers together in a calculator.




We can avoid so much rubbish together!

Simply by switching from disposable heads to the good old razor blades and using them in long-lasting sustainable razors, handles, knives and planes!

Because the rubbish problem with "normal" replaceable razor heads and supposedly cheap razor handles is that several raw materials are firmly connected to one another, hence the word composite rubbish.

The interchangeable heads connect the metal blades with plastic and are usually also delivered in a plastic dispenser, the razor handles have "chic" colored rubber deposits and decorative strips made of plastic.

The result: you can only dispose of all components in the household waste, because the valuable raw materials are lost through the solid and / or small-scale bond with plastic. 


You can avoid that with almost every razor that uses classic razor blades!

klassiche Rasierklingen.jpg

These include, for example, safety razors, straight razors and also the new, easy-to-use plastic-free oscillating head razors, which offer a long-lasting handle made of pure metal as a solid base that, thanks to its ergonomic design, does not need plastic or rubber to be firm and easy to grip!

They use classic razor blades, usually the so-called half blades, half blades or single edge blades, which are available in many online stores and drugstores and are completely recyclable. These are "simply" razor blades divided in half that are pre-cut for easy and safe handling.


Another advantage:

Thanks to the inexpensive razor blades, a blade change only costs a few cents instead of many euros with an exchangeable head - so buying an elegant, long-lasting razor pays off twice over after a while: ecologically AND economically!


Nice, is not it?