• Shave gently, safely & plastic-free

  • Felx-head comfort for the whole body, Made in Germany

Shave gently, safely & plastic-free

Felx-head comfort for the whole body, Made in Germany To the shop

SHAVENT Nassrasierer aus Metall liegt auf hellem Handtuch


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Is the SHAVENT also suitable as a women's shaver?

Dame rasiert sich den Oberschenkel mit dem SHAVENT

But of course...

...the SHAVENT is not just a razor for women, but for men, women, everyone.

A smooth shave is equally important to all of us! Because female skin needs to be treated just as sensitively as male. The SHAVENT is therefore ideally suited as a women's razor.

Thanks to the flexible oscillating head and the three razor blades, the SHAVENT adapts perfectly to the contours of your skin. Whether arms, armpits, legs or the bikini area, the SHAVENT shaves gently and safely.

Why does the SHAVENT not have any gliding strips or all-round gliding cushions like other women's razors?

The answer is very simple: the SHAVENT does not need any gliding aids for a close shave.

This is also the biggest difference to conventional women's razors made of plastic. The SHAVENT is completely plastic-free and shaves with standard razor blades, so-called single edge razor blades. This type of blade has been used successfully in classic razors for more than a century. In contrast to women's razors with disposable heads, these blades are many times cheaper and of course completely plastic-free. If you've used up your blades, you can Replenishment in our shop or in well-stocked drugstores / specialist shops. Then nothing stands in the way of a perfect shave.

For women, the combination is crucial.

The combination of three standard razor blades and a flexible oscillating head allows you to have a gentle, safe and perfect shave - even without any lubricating strips or all-round gliding cushions, which often mean a lot of waste and quickly lose their effectiveness.

Can I also shave with the SHAVENT in the shower?

Of course, the SHAVENT can also be used in the shower. The SHAVENT is a high-quality wet razor and, due to the material composition, cannot rust. The SHAVENT also delivers smooth legs in the shower.

How do I clean the SHAVENT after shaving?

After your daily shave, you can rinse the SHAVENT from behind under warm, running water. You can also clean your SHAVENT more intensively, e.g. B. in the dishwasher. You can find the right tips for cleaning and care here: blog post.

How and when should I change the blades on the SHAVENT?

Changing the blade on the SHAVENT is very easy and can be done in under a minute with a little practice. You can find detailed replacement instructions here as a video or in the SHAVENT operating instructions. As soon as you have the feeling that the SHAVENT is no longer gliding smoothly over your skin, you should change the blades.

SHAVENT is gentle from head to toe - for women, men, everyone!

There is one for the very curious exciting blog post. The article shows you the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of wet razors.

P.S.: The "fashion" of painting everything pink - especially women's razors - is more of a merchant invention than a necessity. The expression for the usual price surcharge is "Pink Tax" And why should we want to pay something like that? We're out.

This is what users, press & social media professionals say about the SHAVENT

I think this will be my razor for life ❤️

Anna, Kundin

Works flawlessly. It's a little heavy, but it's a matter of getting used to it. I am happy that I no longer have to buy blades with plastic.

Barbara, customer

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Why switch to SHAVENT?

Hochwertiger SHAVENT liegt ohne Klingen vor günstigen Standard Rasierklingen

Gentle & independent

SHAVENT is one of the first to combine the gentle comfort of a swinging head with classic razor blades, thus combining innovation with tradition.

In doing so, he puts an end to the interchangeable heads of the lady shaver and thinks back to the classics: he uses "Halfblade" razor blades, which are easy to replace and are therefore always sharp - perfect against skin irritation. They protect the environment and your wallet at the same time and are available from many manufacturers.

To the blades

Sustainably beautiful

When designing the SHAVENT, we combined a shiny eye-catcher effect with clever handling.

Without the use of plastic or rubber, the SHAVENT lies ergonomically in your hand and brings you the usual shaving comfort and safety, even in difficult areas. The metal surface, in combination with water, ensures that a kind of "squeaking effect" is created and that you have a secure grip on the SHAVENT even without rubber applications.

How important is plastic-free

Durable by design

Made from high-quality cast metal in Germany, the SHAVENT is not only valuable and comfortable to hold, it also guarantees long-lasting quality.

All the small parts that give the SHAVENT its mobility are also installed in such a way that they wear out as little as possible. And should one of the parts fail after umpteen years, you can easily replace all wearing parts yourself at home. After all, why should you throw away a super product just because a spring might tire after many years?

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