Intimate shaving with a safety razor?

Intimate shave

Shaving the most sensitive parts of the body is a sensitive issue for men and women. The sensitive body parts in the genital area await with very fine skin and many curves that should be mastered.

Regardless of whether a man's intimate shave or a woman's intimate shave - shaving and trimming the most hidden parts of the body, also known as the "bikini zone", is now common practice for up to 80% of men and 90% of women, according to Statista. Most of them use classic plastic razors from the drugstore and are unsure whether the plastic-free alternative, a classic safety razor, can offer a safe shave for our most intimate areas.


A lot of flexibility and security is required, especially when shaving the intimate area, if you want to incorporate the intimate shave quickly and easily into everyday life. According to the manufacturer, classic safety razors are not, or only partially, suitable for body shaving. The fixed cutting angle or the angle of attack, which is created by placing the firmly fixed head on the skin, should always be reliably adhered to in order to be able to ensure a thorough and injury-free shave. This is difficult to use, especially in areas where there is little space to maneuver and which you may not even see yourself. Therefore, the major manufacturers recommend in their safety instructions not to use the classic razor for body shaving.

And only if there was still any doubt: We would like to clearly advise against razors here - this is only something for absolute professionals and a far too great risk of injury in everyday life!

Hmm, what a shame - what now? Back to the plastic razors that pollute the environment and your wallet with their interchangeable heads (cheap handle - expensive blades - trick)?

If it's up to us: no way!

No matter how you do your intimate shave, whether partially or completely - ours SHAVENT ensures you a gentle, plastic-free shave with its oscillating head, even in hard-to-reach areas! As usual, it adapts flexibly to your body contours and leaves your skin soft to the touch.

Intimrasur: so pflegst Du Deinen "private garden" nachhaltig

Intimate shave: this is how you look after your "private garden" sustainably

Take a little more time with the first shaves to get used to the new handling and start with gentle pressure and slow pulls - you have hardly got used to the new feeling with your high-quality metal razor after 1-2 shaves, you just think back to the plastic past with a tired smile.

And another insider tip at the end: the standard half-blades that are used in the SHAVENT are pure raw material and an annual supply is the size of a Hanuta - with so much frugality you can treat yourself to new blades more often and hey presto: sharp blades, less skin irritation - win win!


Because in the end: Your intimate area is your "private garden", in which only you make the rules - we can now give you the right tool for this!


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