Full flex head comfort - known from German TV show Lions' Den

In Germany alone, up to 500 million of these blade cartridges end up in the garbage every year.

Romy in the pitch in the den in front of the lions

Shaving as it should be

Trade expensive mountains of rubbish for a gentle shave!

Have you been shaving with a razor with replaceable heads? Or with a safety razor but haven't found the perfect shave for everyday use yet?

Then the SHAVENT is just right for you!

From head to toe, for men, women, everyone - the SHAVENT frees you from expensive blade cartridges and the environment from unnecessary waste - and all this in a valuable, durable and elegant guise, so that it adorns every bathroom.

Sustainability can be so beautiful!

Our pitch on TV

Did you miss our pitch or would you like to see it again? You can watch the episode from October 4th, 2021 (season 10, episode 5) again on tvnow from RTL +: HERE

Unfortunately, the video is only visible with a Prime account, but this is also available free of charge for testing ;-)

Durability Made in Germany


No more "cheap handle, expensive blades" tricks!

With the SHAVENT you can be sure of a high-quality, elegant razor that is fully designed for durability - and from then on you can enjoy the freedom of inexpensive standard razor blades!

This is how the SHAVENT pays for itself every day!

The flex head makes the difference!

The flex head makes the difference!

In the SHAVENT we have combined the comfort of well-known swing-head razors from drugstores with the sustainability of classic razor blades. Gentle and manoeuvrable, safe and easy!

Takes every curve with ease - gently & safely from head to toe!

"It's "only" a small blade cartridge" - said 3 billion wet shaver users worldwide

Up to 100 full-grown 40-ton trucks per year of residual waste are produced by wet shaving in Germany alone - that's INSANE! With the SHAVENT you get out of this!

Zero plastic, full of comfort! This is how sustainability works today!