• Why plane when you can gently swing?

  • So gentle, it even tamed the dragons
  • Our adventure - we dared to enter the "Den"!

  • Here is the recording

Why plane when you can gently swing?

So gentle, it even tamed the dragons TO THE SHOP

Our adventure - we dared to enter the "Den"!

Here is the recording TO THE TV SHOW

Exchange expensive mountains of rubbish for a gentle shave!

Clever, comfortable, sustainable - what makes our SHAVENT special:

Finally available again - get your SHAVENT set!

  • Basic set: SHAVENT swing head razor, incl. stand
    SHAVENT Metal Razor - jetzt plastikfrei Rasieren entdecken
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  • All-round set SHAVENT swing head razor, incl. razor blades & collection box
    Shavent Rundum Set
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The SHAVENT wet razor combines the best of two worlds


Hochwertiger SHAVENT liegt ohne Klingen vor günstigen Standard Rasierklingen

No more "cheap handles, expensive blades" tricks!

With the SHAVENT you can be sure of a high-quality, elegant razor that is fully designed for durability - and from then on you can enjoy the freedom of inexpensive standard razor blades!

This is how the SHAVENT pays for itself every day!

Do the math yourself: you can save so much!
Zwei Finger bewegen den wendigen Schwingkopf des SHAVENTS

The swing head makes the difference!

In the SHAVENT we have combined the comfort of well-known swing-head razors from the drugstore with the sustainability of classic razor blades. Gentle and manoeuvrable, safe and easy!

Takes every curve with ease - gently & safely from head to toe!

That's what SHAVENT users like you say!
Zwei SHAVENTS liegen sanft nebeneinander auf einem hellen Handtuch

Tons of useless plastic waste? Not with us!

Up to 100 full-grown 40-ton trucks per year of residual waste are produced in Germany alone by wet shaving - that's INSANE! With the SHAVENT you get out of there!

Zero plastic, full of comfort! This is how sustainable works today!

Go to our razor waste calculator

So simple, so clever

Have you been shaving with a razor with replaceable heads? Or with a safety razor but haven't found the perfect shave for everyday use yet?

Then the SHAVENT is just right for you! From head to toe, for men, women, everyone - the SHAVENT frees you from expensive blade cartridges and the environment from unnecessary waste - and all this in a valuable, durable and elegant guise, so that it adorns every bathroom.

Thanks to our friend @tomspierings for this particularly beautiful video.

Long-lasting, local, safe - what else you should know about the Shavent

Durable by design

The SHAVENT should accompany you for tens of years - that's why we manufacture it from durable metal and have reduced wearing parts to a minimum. And should a spring tire after many years, you can easily repair it yourself at home . We call this "Durable by Design".

Made with Love in Germany

We want to know our partners, work together with them on our SHAVENT and also know the working conditions on site. That's why we produce the SHAVENT with a medium-sized family business in Thuringia. Our SHAVENT swing head razor is created together with a lot of passion and many more steps by hand.

Safe and risk-free with you

All our SHAVENTs come to your home free of charge and throughout Europe, incl. UK and Switzerland. In our shop you can pay securely with your usual online payment methods and Trusted Shops has certified our store - so the Trusted Shop buyer protection is also available. And should the SHAVENT not be the right one for you for some reason? Then get in touch - you can return it as part of our 30 Day Money Back Offer and we will refund your purchase price. As you can see, shaving is not the only thing that's easy and safe around here!

Any Questions?

We are always there for you! Under kontakt@shavent.store you can reach our team and we will clarify all your questions! You can also find all other contact options under CONTACT