SHAVENT Metal Razor
Man shaving face SHAVENT
Blade change SHAVENT
SHAVENT zero waste razor close up
Woman shaving leg with SHAVENT razor
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Basic Set SHAVENT Flexible Head Razor with Stand

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The SHAVENT 3-blade wet razor with its flexible oscillating head brings you the most comfortable shave without plastic with the perfect curve position in an elegant and stylish way

Gentle and close shave for face and body | valuable and durable | elegant, sustainable and 100% plastic-free | Made with love in Germany


Your advantages with SHAVENT:

✅ No plastic, no rubber, just beautiful, durable metal

✅ No long-term expensive interchangeable heads - use standard half blades that are available from many brands at low prices

✅ Full swing head comfort for a gentle shave all over your body - for men, women, everyone

✅ Durable, sustainable, Made in Germany


The starter set contains (scope of delivery):

  • the elegant, durable SHAVENT Premium metal razor without plastic
  • 6 pieces Derby Professional Single Edge razor blades - one set to start immediately, one set for the first change
  • High-quality matching foot for elegant storage in the bathroom INCLUDED



The elegant design with three closely spaced blades and a movable razor head, which adapts perfectly to the contours of the face and body, allows you the gentle, comfortable shave that you know and love, completely without plastic waste! Whether you are looking for a very special, elegant, gentle, manoeuvrable metal razor for face and body, or whether you just want to shave comfortably plastic-free like us - the SHAVENT is the right companion for you.


Gentle, safe and very easy long-lasting shaving - whether face or body, the moving razor head of the SHAVENT Zero Waste razor glides gently and thoroughly even over sensitive areas of skin and easily takes every curve for the most comfortable shave. Because: whether man or woman, every skin loves a gentle shave. And with the cheap standard blades you can treat yourself to a set of fresh blades more often - this way you can prevent ingrown hairs and skin irritations. 

Designed to be durable, our SHAVENT is manufactured using the precision zinc die-casting process and completely dispenses with plastic and rubber - so it is free from age-related material failures. And to put the finishing touches to the look, the razor is lavishly sanded and chrome-plated with bright chrome for a long time.

Made for a lifetime in a timeless design - Designed in Italy, Made in Germany.

30-DAY MONEY-BACK PROMOTION: Your satisfaction is important to us! Since we are sure that you will love our SHAVENT razor, we will give you one to start with voluntary right of return within the first 30 days after purchase! If you are not satisfied, just write us an email to kontakt@shavent.com.de

Technical data razor:

  • Dimensions: 15 cm long
  • Weight: razor approx. 85 g
  • Material: zinc chrome-plated
  • Blade type: Standard half blades, see for example HERE


Security notice
As with any razor, the same applies to the SHAVENT: please always be careful - razor blades are known to be razor sharp! Keep razors and blades out of the reach of children or anyone else who cannot safely handle razor blades.

You can find more information on safety and care HERE

Note: Decoration on photos not included, see "Scope of delivery"


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Marion G.

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„Das“ Basis-Set!

Der Artikel ist wunderbar, die Rechtschreibung in ihrer Mail verbesserungswürdig.

Ruth F.
Leider noch nicht erhalten

Ich habe leider noch keine Ware erhalten. Bin aber in Kontakt und hoffe dass sich das Problem bald klärt

Andreas U.
Allgemeiner Eindruck

Design 🔝
Rasur sehr gründlich beim ersten Mal leichte Rötung im Gesicht
Bin gespannt wie def Klingen Wechsel funktioniert

Rainer B.

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