Gently shave in an environmentally friendly way, completely without plastic waste - SHAVENT makes it possible

Environmentally friendly shaving without loss of comfort - is that even possible? The short answer: Yes, of course you can and everyone should try it!

Because sustainability is not just a trend, it is an obligation of every person. After all, we all want to live long and healthy on our earth. That is why we have been experiencing an increase in sustainable products for years. Whether in the supermarket, on vacation or in a restaurant: "organic", "plastic-free", "climate neutral" and many other catchwords are increasingly common in everyday life.

This change is also borne out by the bare figures: In a survey by the magazine "Kreated 2021" 90% of those surveyed said they paid more attention to sustainability than five years ago.

It is interesting that the sustainability aspect is particularly important for everyday objects. Food and beverages rank first, followed by health and hygiene products, and third place is energy and heating. So there is no doubt that awareness of sustainability is growing.

Part of a more sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle is avoiding unnecessary plastic waste. It is not that easy to always see where plastic is accumulating and how it can best be avoided.

If we want to strive for a plastic-free household, we usually start in the kitchen with reusable packaging, glass bowls instead of plastic and part with plastic bags. Plastic waste lurks in many other corners of your own four walls, including the bathroom. The shaving procedure in particular stands out: many women and men use disposable razors that end up in the bin after the first use, or razors with interchangeable heads that combine plastic and metal almost inextricably. This is how one accumulates in the long term immense amount of plastic waste that most people don't even have on their radar.

The solution is plastic-free razors based on the model of our grandfathers' razors - but with modern convenience.

Shave for a long time with SHAVENT - the thorough and sustainable hair removal

We humans often think that sustainability always goes hand in hand with a loss of quality. The environmentally friendly one proves that this is not necessarily the case SHAVENT razors. Built exclusively from durable materials and completely without plastic, it always guarantees thorough and effective hair removal.

The SHAVENT razor consists of three blades and a dynamic razor head. This adapts flexibly to your facial features and body contours when you shave.

And: The shave should of course not only be sustainable, but also be gentle and thorough.

Removing hair from sensitive parts of the body is also no problem. The precise razor blades and the movable razor head enable a comfortable shave for face and body at all times.

SHAVENT also proves that, despite sustainability, there is no need to forego aesthetics: thanks to its shiny metal surfaces and high-quality chrome plating, the metal razor has a very special elegance for the world of razors.

Environmentally friendly shave thanks to intelligent design and innovative manufacturing

The aspects of sustainability and environmental friendliness are of course in the foreground at SHAVENT. So what makes the razor so safe for our earth in the long term?

The razor made in Germany is produced using a zinc die-casting process. This process, which is otherwise used for furniture or electrical appliances, makes a functional and at the same time aesthetic design possible. In addition, no plastic is used.

In addition to the careful manufacturing process, the SHAVENT razor also achieves a particularly high level of sustainability thanks to its intelligent design. For example, the rotary function of the oscillating head is ensured with screws specially attached for this purpose, which are installed in such a way that they suffer as little wear as possible.

If the blades need to be replaced, that's no problem either. The SHAVENT eco razor comes in a starter set with six blades. Three of them can be used directly, the others are used as replacements. The applicable Standard razor blades (so-called half blades or single edge blades) have been around for decades and are available from many manufacturers in packs of 100.  

That is not all: The intelligent design and the manufacturing process are completed by the fact that no rubber inclusions or plastic parts are built into the razor. The SHAVENT razor is therefore 100% plastic-free.

This means that even the razor itself can be recycled if, for whatever reason, you no longer want to use it after many years. Since it is completely plastic-free, it can easily be recycled as metal.

Plastic-free shave for the environment and comfort for you - a conclusion

Paying attention to environmental friendliness when shaving is not only in line with the current change towards a more sustainable society. The SHAVENT razor enables both sustainability and maximum comfort in hair removal.

Shaving in an environmentally friendly way does not mean having to accept cuts in comfort, workmanship or aesthetics.

Thanks to high-quality materials, innovative manufacturing processes and a design concept designed for durability, the shave is sustainable, comfortable, gentle and thorough.