Why switch to SHAVENT?

You shave with one Planer and do you get along well with it?
You are already one Plastic avoiders and protect our environment!
We have the SHAVENT-Wet razor designed to help all users of System razorswho are tired of every week or every month the Interchangeable heads your razor or even the whole razor including lavish plastic packaging into the trash to offer a completely plastic and rubber free alternative.
We also address all users of Safety razorswho may miss the comfort of a swing head and the smoothness of shaving with multiple blades.
The SHAVENT is as durable and environmentally friendly as a Safety razor and as gentle and sure as one System razor. Three blades in a movable head, however no plastic.
A razor, stable and valuable, that a life long holds.
But the best thing is: You are doing our environment a favor!
The used system razor heads that you throw away are a composite of plastic, rubber and metal, and thus non-recyclable residual waste. Then there are the sometimes oversized ones Plastic packaging for the replacement heads. At the SHAVENT If you only exchange the blades, that means that only pure varieties are created recyclable metal waste in the smallest quantities, no residual waste, no plastic.
On top of that is ours SHAVENT Made in Germany, that means, it didn't travel halfway around the world to end up in your hand, an energy balance that is impressive!
The purchase price pays for itself after a short time, depending on how often you have bought new interchangeable heads. Work out how fast you can do it yourself Save money, because a blade change at SHAVENT costs less than 20 cents.
The SHAVENT is ideally suited for the daily wet shave of face and body, the result after the shave is absolutely equal to that of well-known system razors. The SHAVENT is made of metal and therefore a little heavier than conventional plastic razors. This seems a little strange at first. However, after a very short period of getting used to it, it works daily shave wonderfully fluent by hand.
To all Safety razor-Lover:
If you are the gentle type of SHAVENT would like to compare with the three blades and the oscillating head with your plane, you are invited to visit our new one SHAVENT To taste. If you swear by your planer with a rigid blade and are very satisfied with it, then you don't have to change, because you are already one environmentally friendly razor type!