As you may know, we are a family startup - as such, we of course don't want to withhold our very own SHAVENT user stories from you

Here you can read about our very personal SHAVENT experiences! Your ARA (Armin, Romy, Angie)

Armin von Shavent  

ARMIN, father, Product & Development

I've been shaving every morning with my SHAVENT for over a year. Sometimes in front of the mirror, but mostly in the shower, without a mirror.

I generally shave against the grain, with the only exception: under the nose. Here I shave with the line, the last millimeters directly under the nose I shave left and right at about 45 degrees from top outside to bottom inside. Just above the lip, I hold the razor almost upright, with the handle as close to my face as possible.

The result is great and - very important - there are no complaints from my wife.

Because if that were the case, I would have redesigned SHAVENT long ago ;-)


Angie von Shavent

ANGIE, mother, Finance & Content

For many years I had used different system razors, bought and tried new models over and over again. Mostly, of course, like many of us, the special “for ladies” razors.

When I first used the SHAVENT on my legs, I thought it didn't work because I felt absolutely nothing: no scratching, no shaving noise and also no strange feeling from the sharp blades that I was so afraid of at the beginning! Then I ran my hand over the skin: INCREDIBLE !!! So smooth!

I still have this feeling today after every shave with the SHAVENT and I often have to smile about this first shave experience. You can also find a more detailed account of me here.


Romy von Shavent

ROMY, daughter, Operations & Sales

 When I tried the SHAVENT for the first time, my feedback to my dad was: "Yes, you're crazy, it's SUPER!" 

The shave immediately felt intuitive and was so much smoother and gentler than I was used to from my system razor. 

The other day I didn't have the SHAVENT in the shower and when I needed it, I resorted to my old system razor and asked myself completely surprised how I could ever shave properly with it: - I love the smooth SHAVENT shave result and that I feel much more likely treat yourself to new, sharp blades than before.