Razor bumps! What now?

Help! Razor bumps! - What can I do against it?
Hair removal stresses our skin, compared to epilation or waxing Wet shave most gentle on sensitive skin. But even here micro-injuries can occur, bacteria can penetrate, and the hated red pimples appear. We actually wanted smooth, beautiful skin straight away, and now the pimples have to go away!
The unloved appear particularly frequently Razor bumps in the genital area, the bikini line and under the armpits, a warm and humid climate favors the development. Sweat also irritates the stressed skin after shaving.
The best thing is not to let razor bumps arise in the first place. The following tips will help you:
- The Wet razor never use on dry skin!
- Avoid blunt blades, they tear the hair out instead of clipping it neatly
- Long hair with scissors beforehand shortenso that they don't get stuck in the razor
- Particularly sensitive areas first in the direction of hair growth shave, then carefully against the grain
- Never shave without shaving foam or shower gel
- Foam or gel a little beforehand let absorbShave the most sensitive areas last
- After shaving the skin dry carefullywithout rubbing
- Then apply a mild alcohol-free care product to the skin
- Do not apply deodorant until the skin is completely dried is
- Do not shave immediately before exercising, Sweat is salty and promotes razor pimples
- Avoid tight-fitting clothing immediately after shaving
- Change the blades regularly!
If the Razor bumps are already there, the only thing that helps is damage limitation. I have the following tips for you:
- Do not scratch! This makes the pimples worse and they can only get really infected.
- Ingrown hairs can also be the cause of inflammation.
- If a pimple is already infected, never try to squeeze it out!
- A cooling gel, e.g. made from aloe vera, soothes and has an antibacterial effect.
- Avoid tight-fitting clothing if possible 
Don't worry, the pimples usually go away on their own after a short time. It's best to leave them alone. 
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