It's not my plastic garbage that ends up in the ocean!

That's how we think, because we separate our garbage and the blame for the plastic flood in the world's oceans is the others.

Unfortunately this is not the case!

We produce a lot more rubbish than we can handle. That is why we are one of the largest garbage exporters in the world.
Hundreds of thousands of tons of partially unsorted garbage are shipped to Southeast Asia every year. Unfortunately, not everything is sorted and recycled there, and some of the waste ends up in illegal rubbish dumps.
The countries of Southeast Asia already have problems with their own waste, the situation is even more dramatic with mountains of imported waste!
In the end, some of it inevitably ends up in the sea.

Conclusion: It is quite possible that exactly YOUR interchangeable razor head ends up in the sea!

But a plastic bottle or a plastic bag is much bigger! That may be true, but the amount matters! Imagine how many people all over the world there are Every day Shave with the system razors and then throw away a plastic and rubber razor head or even a whole disposable razor at least once a month!
We wanted to do something about that, and we got it SHAVENT developed, the razor with the same comfort but made entirely of metal! No plastic or rubber in the daily shave, no rubbish that has to be burned or illegally entered the sea.
SHAVENT! A small contribution to make the environment a little cleaner, without any asceticism, but with full swing head comfort! Start now!