Peeling, shaving foam, etc. - The alternatives made from ingredients that really everyone has at home

Home remedies for a smooth shave

What can be more natural or sustainable than shaving care products made from food

We have summarized the simplest and most effective ones for you in this post📜.

Before shaving: 

  • At the very beginning of the tip: shower warm🚿. Higher temperatures and humidity soften hair, which contributes to an easier shave.
  • The right scrub. Since our skin is constantly renewing itself, it is important to get rid of old skin cells from time to time. This works great with a peeling, which you can easily and sustainably make yourself at home. A scrub always consists of something "grainy" such as sugar, salt or oatmeal and something "nourishing" such as oil, honey or quark. Mix here in a 2:1 ratio, two parts of the nourishing food and one part of the granular. A scrub made from coffee grounds and oil works great, for example, or a mixture of sugar and coconut oil. 

While shaving:

The alternative to shaving foam💨.

  • If you don't have any shaving foam at hand, you can also use a hair conditioner. This also softens the hair and allows the razor to glide easily over the skin.
  • Even if it may sound strange at first, olive oil is great as a lubricant during shaving. It contains vitamin E, nourishes the skin and avoids cuts and drying out. Olive oil is particularly suitable and nourishing for sensitive skin. If you don't want to use pure olive oil, an olive oil-based shaving cream is also good. 
  • Coconut oil is also a great alternative to shaving foam and leaves a velvety feeling on the skin both during and after shaving. It also provides your skin with many nutrients and allows the blades to glide smoothly. The bonus here is also the pleasant smell that lingers🌸.

After the shave:

Don't worry, if redness or even razor burn has occurred, there are of course the right home remedies for that too💪.

  • Cool your skin gently with ice❄️. It sounds trite, but it can work wonders on irritated skin. Just make sure that you don't put the ice directly on your skin, but wrap it in a towel, for example.
  • 🍯Honey is great for caring for irritated skin after shaving. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and reduces redness. A honey-quark mask is ideal for the face and legs, but honey should not be used for the intimate area
  • Chamomile tea also has a very calming effect and can care for and relax your skin after shaving. 
  • Due to the care substances it contains, apple cider vinegar can function very well as aftershave, but because of the smell it should only be rinsed off with cold water after a short exposure time😉.
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